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Close Cases, Keep Officers Safe, Get Violent People Off the Street.

An Android application that compiles critical, time-sensitive violent crime alerts and distributes them to police officers on the go. The application reduces the time between the crime or event and the timeframe in which police officers have the data at their fingertips. Coming soon to iOS!

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By closing the gap between the time of the crime and the distribution of the alert, BOLOBeat provides an opportunity to make those hours count!

Officer safety relies on timely access to critical, up-to-the-minute information that provides situational awareness in advance of approaching an individual. BOLOBeat provides all of the information in a standard "Be on the Lookout" notification, and so much more! Officers will know:

• Has this person recently been violent?

• Are there circumstances that may affect their behavior?

• Does the suspect have a record?

• What recent crimes have occured around me?

Get information about suspects, victims, and witnesses INSTANTLY.

Tact & Tactics . Approach & Apprehend.

BOLOBeat keeps police officers in the fight.

ACES, Inc. has been working to keep “boots on the ground” safe in theaters all over the world!
We are now bringing that expertise back home!

Who is it made for?

Police Officers, University Campus Security, & Public Safety Officers.

What is it made for?

Reducing information overload and automating location-based criminal alerts.

Why do you need it?

Detectives need access to key players in order to solve crimes. The sooner those individuals are located, the more successful the interviews. By closing the gap between crimes and alert distribution, BOLOBeat provides detectives and officers with an opportunity to make their critical hours count.

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Up to the second notifications for violent felons

Wanted for Questioning

Locate witnesses when time is crucial

Attempt to Identify

Anonymous no longer. Using surveillance footage to its fullest potential


Reuniting vulnerable people with family and care


When crime is on the move, officers move with it

Recent Violence

What is happening around me right now?

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Demo Version


Free, limited time only, contains generated sample data, not connected to an official database.

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Requires install & connection to data feeds.


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